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Variant Of Malibu Flavor With Coconut Rum

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Malibu was in the rum category, aimed at making beverages quickly and easily among the entries. Flavored with essence, it has found traction in bars and clubs and is used for making pina coladas. The Malibu has been popular, causing a lineup of fruits flavors which have included pineapple, passion fruits, mango, banana, and melon. Malibu Black, that wasn’t another flavor, but a rise in the proof of the spirit was published by Pernod Ricard last year. Like Malibu Black, Malibu Red is just another evidence entrance for your Malibu family, now with tequila added into the coconut and rum mixture.


It’s a fascinating move in a space where many of the tequila markets are currently migrating to agave. The tequila in Malibu Red is tequila, Tequila Olmeca Blanco. While there isn’t an announcement from the bottle in the sum of tequila, it seems like it’s considerable. Rather than other products available artificial flavorings, Malibu Red, like Malibu and Malibu Black, uses extract, meaning that the flavors are more agreeable and truer. Malibu Red is still regarded as a Product of Canada, saying that Barbados rum and the Olmeca tequila are shipped to be roasted and blended. The design for Malibu Red is radically different from the first Malibu – gone is your white bottle, and in its place is a silver and red package that shows off your bright soul inside.


Pernod Ricard worked with celebrity Ne-Yo on the brand, and it is crafted as a brand as opposed to entrance in either your rum or tequila space. The scents from your tequila help temper your coconut, so it isn’t entirely overwhelming, and your agave and coconut go very well together. The entrance for Malibu Red is soft, very thick, and sweet. Coconut leads the flavor charge with clear tequila right behind.

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