Upsidedown Banana Cake

Upsidedown Banana Cake Recipe

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Today I’d like to introduce to you a really tasty cake with simple ingredients, very high success-likelihood and on top of that, this cake doesn’t need an oven This cake is called “Banana upside-down cake” and I baked it in a rice-cooker Preparing the fruit part First, peel the bananas then cut it into pieces of 5 – 6 cm length then thinly slice them brush lemon juice onto both sides of the bananas the lemon juice helps to prevent bananas from turning brown/grey melt butter on medium heat right when the butter’s melted, add brown sugar, stir well pour the mixture into the rice-cooker-pan, spread evenly lay the banana slices over the butter-sugar-mixture Preparing the cake batter Add into a bowl the flour, baking powder, cinnamon powder, five-spice-powder mix very well then set aside Add all (softened) butter into a mixing bowl mix butter with a pinch of salt at low-medium speed in about 1 – 2 minutes until the butter turns very smooth then scrape down butter from sides of the bowl and add sugar in NOTE: it’s best to add sugar little by little then beat at low-medium speed for the sugar to be totally incorporated before adding more sugar this helps sugar and butter incoporated better and the butter’ll be more fluffy we want the butter to be very fluffy because fluffy butter creates fluffy and soft texture for the cake when all butter has been added, raise speed to highest beat for 3 – 5 mins more depending on the power of your mixer stop beating when the butter’s been very fluffy and had pale bright color add in egg, one at a time beat at lowest speed until just incorporated (this is the second egg) last, add in vanilla extract and blend well mix 65 gr yogurt with 60 ml milk then divide this milk mixture into 3 parts, flour mixture into 4 parts then mix these milk and flour with the butter and egg as follows..

Sift the first part of flour into the bowl mix at lowest speed until just incorporated scrape down the flour on the side of the bowl add in a portion of milk and yogurt blend at lowest speed continue adding flour – milk – flour… alternately until all of the milk and flour has been incorporated with butter and egg at this stage, only mix at LOW speed until ingredients just incoporated mixing with a spatula by hand is also fine don’t mix the batter too much because… the cake won’t rise well in the oven, hence is dense and heavy pour the batter into the rice-cooker-pan, over the bananas flatten and smoothen the surface My rice cooker has a “cake” function if yours has such function, too… then we can bake this cake with this setting in about 50 mins If not, you can find more information in the caption below this cake can be baked in a preheated oven at 165 deg. C in 45 – 50 mins after 50 mins, when a skewer inserted in the cake comes out clean and dry take it out  let the cake cool on a rack this cake is best when it’s a bit warm so if it’s cold, you can warm it up in a microwave (cake covered) and serve with whipped cream and some cinnamon powder.

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