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Turkey Jerky: Healthy Meals With Less Red Meat

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With the prevalence of meats used for jerky their lots of options, although beef is known and loved. While the two make a healthful treat the entire family can enjoy and are low in fat, there are several differences in between those who can assist you in making the option of that is the jerky for you. They were available in the flavors, including teriyaki. No matter the jerky you end up choosing, it is the best snack for a snack for the whole family, and activities. Note that nutritional facts might vary slightly by brand dependant upon their very own specific marinade recipe.


This info is based on the House of Jerky brand Beef Jerky Natural taste. Turkey jerky has been quick to gain popularity with people working toward far healthy living and less red meat. While poultry is faster and simpler for your body to break down meat is hard on the digestion. Though turkey is usually far healthy, the differences nutritionally can be comparable in most areas. Note that nutritional facts might vary slightly by brand dependant upon their very own specific marinade recipe. This information is based on that the House of Teriyaki Turkey Jerky and Jerky brand flavor. If you choose turkey or beef jerky is a personal choice.


Turkey jerky is an excellent choice that provides the calorie if you don’t eat beef. Among the best ways to sample and select between them is produce a batch of your own and to purchase a food dehydrator. Not only could you experiment with flavors, but you can cut that the meat as thick or thin as you would like to control the degree of humidity and therefore juiciness. Jerky is a protein-packed, very low fat snack that is extremely versatile and may match the preferences of most anyone. The only real problem with jerky would be that the higher sodium levels.

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