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Tips & Trick : How To Grilled Cedar Salmon

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Cooking on fire is rewarding, fun, and possibly isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re searching for something different than the traditional grilled poultry or steak items you may like to consider fish. Regardless if you purchase it in advance or catch your very own fresh for dinner while on your trip there are many ways to prepare it.


Here are a few good campfire cooking recipes to get you started. Remember, as with lots of campfire cooking recipes, cooking times might need to be adjusted depending upon how hot the coals. FOIL FISH Perfectly cook with foil grilled corn on the cob. 4 fish fillets 2 tbsps butter two celery stalks, quartered two carrots, quartered one whole lemon, cut in half Salt and Pepper. On two separate pieces of aluminum foil, place two each one of the fish fillets in the center. Squeeze 50% of the lemon over one pair and the other half over another. Pepper and salt to taste and add 50% of the celery and carrots to each, then it wraps the foil around the fish.


Place on hot coals or, depending on how hot the coals are, use a grill grate. GRILLED CEDAR SALMON was Adding the cedar plank not only gives it some extra smokey flavor. One cedar plank long enough to suit your salmon fillet one large salmon fillet, scaled, but with skin to the olive oil one tablespoon rosemary one tablespoon thyme Juice from lemon Salt and Pepper. Bring up a fire to medium heat and while the fire becomes cooked, soak the cedar plank in water for half an hour. Brush the salmon with the olive oil and after that gently rub in the rosemary and thyme.


Place the plank on a grill grate that’s almost touching the coals. Turn the plank over after a few minutes to get both sides smoking. Place the salmon fillet skin side down on the plank and cover loosely with a foil camping tent to allow the fish to steam cook for 20 minutes. Remove the salmon from the plank or serve it from the cedar. SNAPPER SOUP Break out the Dutch oven. Cast iron cooking is a slice of campfire cooking recipes. 1 pound of red snapper, cut into 1 inches pieces 2 cups of poultry broth cut into chopped carrots cup coarsely chopped celery two cloves of garlic, minced one medium yellow onion, coarsely chopped one tablespoon paprika spoon salt pepper teaspoon of salt 1 cup of frozen peas. Bring the poultry broth, celery and carrots, garlic and onions, paprika, pepper and salt, and peas to a boil for 5-10 minutes.

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