The Unique Facts of Corn and Its Function

The Unique Facts Of Corn And Its Function

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According to a few sources, corn is made from samp and maize from corn, but the names might vary from area to area. Another name, rockahominy pertained to the movement used to rub the hulls off and was later shortened to hominy. The ways of making corn utilized lye to remove the shells. The lye was made from wood ashes soaked with about a quarter of ashes to procedure about one dozen ears of corn. The harder flint varieties were preferred, although any field corn may be used to make corn. After the corn was dried, the kernels boiled and were removed from the cob in the lye mix for about a half hour and after that washed in many changes of water.


The corn kernels rubbed by hand under water to remove the hulls or were agitated in a churn with fresh water. Sometimes a process called thrash removed the lye. This day, simmer baking drink the water, and corn for approximately 3 hours and add another quart of water. Towards on the end of this time on the hulls must be lost and should rub off quickly. Drain on the corn and rinse with cold water until it’s cool enough to handle. Utilizing your hands, rub the kernels together beneath the water to remove the hulls. The hulls will rise to on the top of on the rain and needs to be eliminated and thrown away. At the end of the corn has been hulled, rinse it thoroughly in various changes of water. Cover the corn with new liquid, bring it to a boil, drain, and then rinse again. Next cover the grain crowned with water and simmer until it’s tender this will take several hours.

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