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Seas and 60-degree water over 20 miles – the situation which will make any tuna angler that is fanatical go nuts – or not appear to work. North Coast fisherman has been devoid this year, but the carrot trend has helped alleviate that pain. On the blue water, which was moving closer to shore, boats have set their sights on Saturday. The pool was 30 kilometers out over the weekend but was just 20 miles as of Tuesday. The vast majority of the activity has been between the 48 and 38 lines, where the water temps are currently ranging between 61 and 64 levels.


After grabbing some on the troll if it’s possible to keep the fish, you can place some numbers. According to Klassen, scores are that vary from six, and the fish are everywhere from peanuts to 25 lbs. It seems like it’s about to close, while it is good to have a tuna window that has lasted for a week. Like the tuna window is going to slam closed, for now, it’s looking. Friday’s forecast is calling out from the northwest in five to fifteen knots and northwest waves of four legs at five minutes and northwest of four legs minutes for winds.


Saturday is calling for shore winds five to fifteen knots and northern waves of six legs at half an hour and out from the west of five legs at 12 seconds. Sunday is looking very comparable with north winds five to fifteen knots and northerly waves of six legs at half an hour and out from the west of five legs at 12 seconds. A reminder this both the Klamath and Trinity Rivers would be currently closed to salmon fishing. Throughout the salmon closures, both rivers can remain open to steel fishing, and no salmon punch card has needed for either stream.


On the Klamath, steelhead fishing has allowed from 3, 500 legs downstream of the Iron Gate Dam to the estuary. This area has closed to all fishing from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. The daily bag limit is two steel heads.

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