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Hi Bold Bakers! Recently we made Starbucks Frappuccinos and they were a huge success. But did you know that Starbucks actually has a secret menu? Well today we are going to make the top three Frappuccinos from that so let’s get started. So before we get started, the written recipe for these Frappuccinos can be found on and if you’re new to my channel, welcome and make sure you tap that subscribe button. Okay, so our first Frappuccino is a dessert loaded with strawberries, banana, chocolate sauce, and a cherry on top. You’ve probably guessed by now, it is a Banana Split Frappuccino. So into our blender we’re going to add in some ice, milk, frozen bananas, frozen strawberry, some vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. So this Frappuccino is going to be loaded with natural sugars, so if you want to hold back on a little bit of this, that is totally fine. You can also use agave or honey. So now this is ready to go. We’re going to pop on our lid and blend it up. So you just want to put this on your machine until all the ice has blended and it’s nice and thick.

Do you see this? It got really lovely and light and fluffy. That’s from the frozen bananas and strawberries. It looks really good. Okay, you just want to go ahead and fill up your cup. So you guys know that a banana split is so much more than strawberries and bananas, so we’re going to put a lot of decorations on top of this guy. I have some whipped cream and we’re just going to do a nice big swirl on top. And then, of course, I have some chocolate sauce because there is always chocolate sauce on a banana split.

And then the quintessential cherry on top. Oh, look at that. It looks so beautiful. Yummy, it’s nice and fruity but then it has that chocolate sauce on top. It’s absolutely delicious. You know what this would be really great for? Like sleepovers or parties, they’d go down a treat. Yummy, okay, let’s move on to another great flavor. So for those of you who know me, you know that I am a big Oreo fan. I love to put it into everything, to cheesecake, make giant Oreos, and even into mug cakes. But right now we’re going to make an Oreo Frappuccino. So just like before, we’re going to add in our ice. So next is our milk and you can use any kind of dairy free milk if you want also, that will work really well.

Next is our confectioner’s sugar and some vanilla extract. Now if you don’t have vanilla extract, you can always leave it out, but I always think it adds a lovely ump to your Frappuccino. And then last but not least are Oreo Cookies. Now I’m going to throw them in, filling and all, because it’s going to be really tasty. If you don’t have Oreos, you can use any type of chocolate biscuit. Okay, in you go. On with your hat. And then blend them up. So I think these are really fun flavors but I want you to let me know in the comments below what other fun flavors you want to see.

Okay, this guy is looking good. Nice and blended. Then all you want to do is just fill up your cup. And, of course, in true big and bold style, we have to decorate this one too. So we’re going to put on some more whipped cream and then a little few crumbles of Oreos just to give it nice texture as well. This looks fantastic.

I can’t wait to try this one. Oh, forget about it. Blended Oreos with cream on top. This is insane. Yummy. Oh, so good. Okay, I’m going to set that aside and we’re going to move on to our next fantastic flavor. So I’m a big believer that no matter what day it is, it is always a day for cake. So our next Frappuccino is Birthday cake. So into our blender we’re going to add our ice. You’ve got to have ice. Next, our milk. I like to use two percent milk because it makes it just that little bit more creamy.

Next in with our sugar. So our next ingredients are extracts. Now this is what is going to give it that lovely birthday cake flavor. We’re going to add in some vanilla extract and some almond extract. Now if you don’t have these to hand at home, I also have a video of how you can make your own. It’s really really easy and that’s on my website. Okay, lovely. On with our hat and then we’re going to pop it on the machine. Okay, so birthday cake, you have to have sprinkles, right, but we’re not going to add them in just yet. Because otherwise they would bleed and lose their color. So we’re going to add them in after. This is look really good.

It’s nice and light and fluffy. So now into this we’re going to add in our sprinkles. So it’s kind of my theory that no matter what you add sprinkles into, it’s going to taste like birthday cake, which is fine by me. Now you just want to go ahead and give them a little stir in. You don’t want them to dissolve. Just mix them in a little bit. As you can see, I was pretty generous with the sprinkles. I went to Starbucks and got these cups because I think it just makes it look extra nice.

And then fill it up. Just like a birthday cake would have frosting, we have to frost our Frappuccino with some whipped cream. Beautiful. Go nice and high. And then, of course, you can never have too many sprinkles. So put a few of those bad boys on top. Wow, that is a very festive looking Frappuccino. This is just another great way to enjoy birthday cake in a whole other form. And who wouldn’t want that? The vanilla and the almond and all these sprinkles, I mean yum. The best thing about these drinks is that they are all your favorite desserts but in a Frappuccino.

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