Replace Your Fries with a Healthier Jicama

Replace Your Fries With A Healthier Jicama

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There is something about a batch of classic Fries that is always tempting, especially for anybody who’s attempting to stay lean. We know Fries doused and are bathed in fats. What individuals might not know is the one teaspoon of table sugar will not, in fact, increase your blood sugar than the cup of potatoes. You consume foods which have a glycemic reaction, and your body reacts to the spike in insulin and blood sugar, which drops your blood sugar. You release hormones to help rebalance levels of blood sugar and free fatty acid concentrations rise. It’s believed that these events may encourage increased storage and increased food consumption.


The vegetable has tastes like an apple that is mildly sweet and a crunchy and crisp texture. It seems like the thing and maintains a surface when cutting into strips and bake. These jicama fries that are healthful create side dish or a free snack that you could feel good about eating. Using a vegetable knife or paring knife, remove the thin peel of the jicama root. Up into strips constituting beef chips, when you removed the skin, slice the jicama into rounds around inches and after them cut. Lay your jicama pieces out in one layer on a nonstick baking sheet, and prepare your toenails. Mix the seasonings in a small bowl and sprinkle them on the jicama strips as smoothly as possible. Using an oil mister, apply a thin coat of olive oil. If you do not have a mister, just drizzle the olive oil on the jicama.

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Chad Barney
My name is Chad Barney, people call me Chad. I have been cooking in family-owned and operated restaurants since I was 8 years old. I grew up in California, Los Angeles, and have lived in New York City since 2009. I learned original Thai recipes from my mother, aunts and other relative working in our family kitchens. As a personal chef I focus on healthy cooking less oil, less sugar or no sugar at all but use the sweetness for vegetables and natural sweetener such as palm sugar.

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