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Red Velvet : A New Coming Wedding Cake

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Your wedding memories that are precious have to be shared for both years to come, and our quality albums do that. The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception, with a timeslot carved out for serving and cutting the cake. During the time, designs and the details of wedding cakes became elaborate with an infinite number of colors patterns and sugar and fondant roses to choose from. No matter aesthetically pleasing or how beautiful a wedding cake could be, what matters is how it tastes. These are the eight wedding cake flavors for 2014. Red velvet cake is the hue to represent romance and love.


Its flavor is chocolaty yet not vanilla. Marie of Genuine Cakes states that In 2014 most requested wedding pie flavors are Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Vanilla and that although Red Velvet is a newcomer, its popularity is soaring. Tarek of all The Hummingbird Bakery said It is apparently the grooms and brides are opting for wedding cake flavors offering a break. When cutting the cake, the red color of this sponge against this cream cheese frosting makes for a moment. Couples are also choosing to offer many different cake flavors in their reception, whether that is a tiered cake comprised of different tastes or a cupcake tower using assorted cupcake flavors.


With numerous degrees of richness and choices for flavor pairings, chocolate remains to be probably the most famous wedding cake flavors of the year. Indulge in chocolate with chocolate fudge, or lighten the flavor by selecting a German chocolate cake. Whether it is that a raspberry jam, raspberry cream or fresh raspberry filling, this tasty pairing is a refreshing take on this traditional chocolate flavored cakes. This citrus flavor is ideal for both a spring wedding and is a fantastic choice for couples who do not want a cake that’s too heavy and rich. Pair with raspberry or garden strawberry and whipped cream for a tasty fruit blend, or stick to lemon buttercream frosting to complete the cake. Tarek of The Hummingbird Bakery says the Lemon Raspberry Ripple is proving popular as that a wedding cake flavor in.

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