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Pepperoni Pizza Mukbang Recipe | Low Carb Fathead Pizza Recipe

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Hi guys I’m back with another mukbang this one is really special this is the first mukbang puffs recipe so you’re if you’re interested and how I made this pizza it’s definitely keto will fit into your macros watch the end of the video and I’ll show you step-by-step how easy this is but let’s go ahead and get started with eating this because I’m so hungry look at this amazingness I need your thumb natto ok guys this pizza honestly took like 10 minutes to make the longest that I had to wait for was the preheating of the oven because I forgot to do that but I’ve been obsessed with keto pizza guys I don’t know why I’m just not finding out about it but this is like heaven it’s a cross between like garlic bread because I added some garlic powder in it and uhm mozzarella sticks because the base of the crust is mozzarella so it honestly I I will say this probably in every article I love pizza I love pasta and I don’t want to necessarily give up those things just because I decided to go keto so I just have to adjust and find things that are able to still fit into my diet so good ok which piece should I get first I’m going to try to get the biggest piece this one right here.

whoo look at that guys what hmm oh my god they’re just so fun I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys about you honestly can’t even tell that this is healthy hmm oh my gosh this hokuto is probably less than like two slices from like any fast food place so I can honor diet but you don’t want to play the prices of delivery and stuff this honestly will take you less time than ordering and going and getting it mmm oh my gosh this is so good I’m seriously I’m obsessed with this sorry I just I can’t believe I can have keto pizza and still be on a diet like what hmm oh my god I was thinking about doing like a Fredo chicken alfredo type of pizza with a little bit of broccoli endless possibilities of pizza topping I think that’s why people love pizza so much because you can have a different type of pizza literally every day for there’s your life and probably not have to have the same type who are your favorite um pizza delivery places I love pizza hut that’s like my go-to I love Little Caesars they’re so cheap but so good like don’t knock Little Caesars because that’s the best five dollars I probably will spend in a while mmm and of course my look pro I have to have this it actually fell so let’s hope that it doesn’t splat all over me ah we’re good we’re good I’m telling you guys the reason why it it took me so long to try the keto pizza because honest I was intimidated I was like now I’ll just save my my pizza for my cheat meal and then I was like you know what everyone I follow a lot of people that are keto on my Instagram everyone I was saying was making Keo peaches like every other day I was like what that what am I missing right now I tried it I’m hope I probably will be eating this at least once a week because a it’s just so easy

hmm like I can’t even tell the difference Kumbi I saw is Yuri you pop it in the microwave or in the oven and we heats beautifully since the crust is primarily cheese you’re getting your Fratton I have this with a side salad you’ll be good to go look at that press guys I’m in heaven right now guys fish tastes the best thing ever – I sure got some um marinara sauce and gypped the Preston next time guys next time and one slice of his pizza two grams of net carbs you heard it – I don’t feel bad having this third slice at all I think one slice it’s like a 163 calories not including the topping so so but it kind of does remind me of Little Caesars like I used to eat Little Caesars all the time I was a broke college kid and this reminds me of Little Caesars hmm what’s your favorite topping of pizzas I’m traditional I love just regular cheese sometimes pepperoni um I do like to have like veggies on it sometimes I have to be in the mood for that though like the stick cream pizza I definitely don’t order that if I’m ordering pizza give me a thumbs up though if you think pineapple is a topping for pizza and give me a thumbs up if you think that pineapple is not topping on pizza I love pineapple on pizza I think a lot of people’s taste buds they like salty and sweet and any type of combination which is why a lot of people sprinkle salt like I’m just starts to enhance the flavor I think it’s that same concept when you add some pineapple to like this would be this considered a really salty food because you have pepperonis or hand most people do like Hawaiian style and I think it’s because most people’s taste buds do like salty and sweet combined we will comment down below why you like or don’t like pineapples on your pizza and then also it’s kind of like a texture thing some people don’t like that the pineapples have a lot of moisture which I’m all about sometimes I can’t do it either oh my goodness you guys which piece up I definitely add some seasonings into it I had some salt garlic powder and oregano it really enhances the flavor like I taste the garlic and I leave garlic powder I didn’t eat real garlic I got my friend my best friend unlock ROI she snapped me a picture of some lime Lacroix and it was so funny because I had just grabbed him from my job so like I took a picture I was like twinning I’m getting it so cool this is so good though I think I’m gonna have one more slice because I did promise my sister that I would say for some pieces and she’ll be through with me if I ended up eating it all some people like really really thin crust I’m more of a thick crust person because I’m used to Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut usually has thick crust but if you like thin crust definitely smooth this out as much as you can and it’ll take you from less time to put so hmm oh look I’ve talked booth up that totally fits them to my macros like any of their pizza I would folks and type away eighty half like our probably would only eat two slices of Vita but no I’m not this has no real flour in it it makes me okay with that this last slice you know I mean I had a meal prep tomorrow fingers crossed I can have a multi-part video because I feel like Mel prepping is the key to success whenever you’re on a weight-loss journey or whenever like you’re on budgeting like do you know how much money you can save if you just mil prep for two meals and alternate between them so much trust me I spent a lot these past two weeks because I didn’t milk prep the way that I should’ve and I learned mmm I’m so sad that this is the last piece cuz I’m going to be eating my arms I’m so full mm5 I’m telling you watch the end of this video see how easy it is to make this pizza I would not lie to you so easy you probably have all the ingredients that you need if not all these ingredients are so cheap there’s egg coconut flour that coconut flour is a little bit pricey but I got mine from Target for I think eight bucks and you really don’t need a lot like its last ooh excuse me it’s lasted me um for the past three months and I have about half of the container left hi guys thank you for staying to the end to see how I actually made this pizza it’s definitely one of my favorite staples on keto and I just recently discovered it and I wanted to show you guys how easy it was to make we’re going to start with one and a half cups of mozzarella cheese you can definitely play around with different cheeses I haven’t done that yet so once you have a cup and a half of mozzarella cheese in there you’re going to want to add two tablespoons of cream cheese I actually ran out of cream cheese but I do have laughing cow cheese which is basically the same thing you can honestly probably play with all of the flavors that they have and I would say one wedge is about two tablespoons and I’m just going to break it up into smaller pieces this is just so it can help melt in the microwave okay now that you have the base of it pretty much you’re going to want to add the seasonings I put salt in it and this is just some pink Himalayan salt you want some oregano because that is a seasoning that you would find and pizza and then pizza sauce so I’m just trying to make it give the illusion that it does in fact taste like you know something that you would order and then I am just using garlic powder I’m using garlic powder because I love the flavor of garlic and then I this is optional but I’m just going to add about a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter and now we’re going to put this in the microwave for 30 second increments and it should only take 2-3 times but you do want to keep an eye on it and stir it after every 30 seconds I might as well put up some stuff while I’m waiting a while that’s going on I’m going to just crack and lightly beat two eggs I’m just lightly beaten us just so that way it can easily blend in with the mixture so this is how it first looks like the first 30 seconds I’m just going to mix this so the both of the cheeses can combine and the butter can kind of melt with the heat mixed it up we’re gonna put this in for another 30 seconds this is so much easier than getting takeout going off your diet it’s actually really really healthy so this is after a total of sixty seconds actually really really gloopy and so I think this is already ready to combine I’m just going to be measuring out a third of a cup of coconut flour and I haven’t tried this one it with any other flours so if you do try it let me know and you don’t need too much just a third of a cup and I actually put in the egg first and I mix that really really fast so the egg can kind of combine with the cheese it’s going to be lumpy but that’s completely fine now’s the time to slowly add in a little bit of the coconut flour just so that way it gets easier to combined and when you first do this you’re going to be so scared because the cheese is like all blobby but I promise it just forms into a literal pizza dough it’s amazing add the rest and it should come together yes it is coming together I like to just smooth it all out to make sure the cheese and the coconut flour is evenly distributed when you add the egg and the coolness of that does cool down the mixture so that’s why it’s really important to add all these ingredients really fast I’m just going to make this in a traditional circle but I have also made this same recipe as breadsticks and it turned out amazing I put um some roasted garlic and what else it up it and butter on top but this time I just decided to add the butter in the actual mixture look at that now make sure everything’s all even there’s some lumps that I don’t want to cook unevenly the next part is really important you’re going to want to take a fork and just dot the areas because it’s going to puff up a lot you’re going to take your favorite pasta sauce and I’m going to add probably one and a half or two spoonfuls that’s probably about 1/4 of a cup I’m going to add a little bit more mozzarella cheese this is completely optional since your crust has a lot of mozzarella cheese on it going to add just some Parmesan cheese and I have some pepperonis you can definitely get really creative with your toppings I really want to try some alfredo sauce as the base and I’m chicken and broccoli I think that’d be a really good combination and also I was thinking maybe like a barbecue chicken and putting some cheddar cheese in the crust because I think barbecue chicken and cheddar would go hand-in-hand now you’re going to want to place this back in the oven for another three to seven minutes this depends on how much toppings you have on it as well as how thick you made your crust I usually just put it at five minutes and see if it needs an extra couple of minutes after that that’s when we offer this one definitely try this out and see how you like it if you liked this video and want me to make more recipe muck dogs please please please give this video a thumbs up so I know what to make more because this actually took a lot of time but I really love cooking and I love trying to make Kito food out of like my like craving for junk food so if you are interested in those videos please let me know comment like and if you aren’t subscribed to me definitely do that so you don’t miss any more videos for me and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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