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Ostrich Meat: A Profitable Business Field

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Position around nine legs tall with huge overbites bodies, legs and eyes the size of the fist of a kid, an ostrich resembles an avian punch line. They are the birds plus they could kill a lion. The ostrich differs from virtually all other birds. They belong to a family of birds known as ratites, including rheas and emus as well they’re simple to tell besides other creatures. If you consider flight as a way as odd as it seems for a bird, it’s sensible. Ostriches don’t need that escape route that is specific since they operate distances that are prolonged at over 30 mph and can sprint at around 43 mph.


You consider they could weigh up to 400 lbs their speed is even more striking. Their wings aren’t useless, while they don’t fly: act to change direction and function to balance the ostrich while it runs. Male ostriches utilize their wingspan to attract females. Ostriches live in desert climates that are desolate that they’ve to be flexible in their diet. They’ll eat almost anything: rocks, lizards, seeds, locusts, and plants are elements of their diet. One rancher has brought his ostriches swallowing tennis balls – and a kitten. On farms, ostriches little and not crazy makes them a significant investment. They reproduce more frequently than cows, plus they sell for a lot more since the meat is considered a delicacy, at least in the US. In Europe and South Africa, it is pretty typical fare.

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