Kerala Beef Roast/Kuttanadan Beef Varattiyathu/Beef Fry

Kerala Beef Roast

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Hi Greetings to All , How are you All??? I am fine here Today’s special is Kuttanadan style Beef Roast Dont forget to try the Beef Chilly Recipe I have made different articles so According to your requirement you can choose the type of category you can search according to the name of the dish and add Veena’s Curryworld to it.

I have taken 3/4 kg of Beef. Washed and cleaned with salt and vinegar .Have cut it into small pieces make the pieces according to your preference Lets make the masalas for this .For this take a Kadai The masalas are going to be ground well. Add some coconut oil to the Kadai Heat the 1 1/2 tbsp oil Add 1 1/2 onion to it WE can slice the onion anyhow as we are going to grind it Just Saute the onions well 1 small ginger and 4 cloves of garlic crushed together Add 3 green chillies center slit Some curry leaves Add some salt On Medium flame Saute it well, till the raw smell goes Mutton Roast and Beef Roast is almost the same recipe just that the meat is different.Also few changes here and there These few changes will change the taste of the dish completely.

This is a Kuttanadan recipe The onions should be brown in colour to add the masala powders This brown shade of the onions is more than enough Bring the flame to low Add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder Add 3/4 tbsp chili powder 1 tbsp coriander powder Mix it well There should be sufficient oil to saute this masala Always remember to fry these masala powders in low flame 1 tsp meat masala. i have used eastern’s meat masala 1/2 tsp garam masala.I have made this garam masala powder. Mix it well Add 1/4 tsp Fennel seeds powder Mix well We are not adding tomato for this recipe. Instead adding vinegar. If you do not like vinegar you can add one small tomato Saute till the raw smell goes Add 2 tsp of white vinegar After this cools down add very little water and grind this to fine paste This is how it looks once the masala is ground to fine paste We need to add this masala to the cooker Taste this masala at this point if you do not eat beef !! Adjust the spices accordingly Salt should be more as we will add the meat to this masala Switch on the flame Cook this masala for mins After sauting it for mins add the beef to the masala I have used the beef with the bones.

Mix the masala well on to the beef We need to put this for 2 whistles as i have got tender beef. If it is in India you might need to add more whistles for the beef to cook well We can check the beef if it is cooked in 2 whistles else we can put it for more whistles accordingly I am not adding more water as the water from the beef will be sufficient On medium flame 2 whistles You can check the piece if it is cooked or not. if it is still hard to slice through then you need to add more whistles To roast this take a Kadai Heat around 1 tbsp coconut oil Add some coconut chunks This coconut chunks give you the authentic taste you can avoid this step if you do not have coconut chunks Fry this on medium heat When the coconut chunks turn golden shade add 20 sliced shallots if you dont want to use shallots you can use 1 onion as well Add 3 cloves of garlic finely chopped 1 tsp of ginger finely chopped 3 green chillies Saute this well Taste the beef (if you eat beef) if the salt is correct If you add shallots there will not be any sweetness to the dish like onions Add curry leaves Saute until golden shade you can ask me doubt through the app .I will be able to respond immediately replying to mails will not be immediate as I am getting lot of mail requests.

Adjust the salt according to the taste of the beef gravy After the shallots turn golden shade , only then add the cooked beef Check the type of beef you have purchased and adjust the whistles accordingly. If you want add some water to it . Add the cooked beef. Even though i didnt add water there is sufficient water from the beef. so if the beef is tender the no of whistles is less. Now we need to roast this till it turns dark We need to roast it well. This is the time consuming step. if oil is not sufficient we need to add more oil to roast it perfectly you can see the gravy has dried up completely and the color is turning dark Now you dont have to use the spoon the stir. just flip the pan like this you can roast it according to your preference .Now it is almost done. you can roast it more if you prefer you can add 1 tsp pepper powder taste the beef to know the amount of pepper powder you need Mix it well Add some curry leaves After 5 more mins i am switching of the flame this is ready to be served Hope all of you will try this recipe and send me the feedback My husband has given a go ahead for the recipe.

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