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How To Make Red Wine

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There are two types of grape juice: red grape juice, and white grape juice. You’ve seen the two various kinds of grapes at the grocery. Many people think that the difference is about the color of the vine. You could make a white wine out of red grape juice. The main difference is the skins of the grapes. If you let the red grape juice soak in and ferment with the grape skins, it enables the chemicals and tannins in the grape skin to leech out and becomes a part of the red grape juice. The skins give the juice a rich dark color that otherwise would not be there.


Fermenting a red juice without the skins results in a very light colored juice, almost a white wine. This is where we get the rose from and also white zinfandel. Both of those wines are made from red grapes and red grape juice, but the juice isn’t allowed prolonged contact with the grape skins. Without the tannins and the phytochemicals in the surface of the grape, you get a very light, almost white wine. For a Full-bodied red wine, you need to crush the grapes and after that leave the juice and the grape skins together for a lengthy amount of time – usually several days.


Or you might start the fermentation of the juice and leave the grape skins in the must while the primary fermentation takes place. After the primary fermentation is complete, you strain the skins out from the wine while racking over to the secondary fermenter or carboy. Then let the wine continue to ferment under an airlock for at least a few months. This process results in the red wine with a deep vibrant color and a full-bodied flavor. Whether you can tour a vineyard that produces red wine, you’ll see massive vats of juice, with the crushed skins, sitting in the sun and soaking away. You may also duplicate this process at home and make your very own red wine. To make your very own Red Wine at home, all that you need is this free 24-page e-book that you could download instantly: The way to Make Wine.

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