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How To Make Passion Mousse Cake

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I’m gonna introduce you guys on how to make a lovely Passion Mousse Cake !! For our base we will need : Separate the egg-white and the yolks into two different bowls and apply the whisking machine on our egg-white at medium speed Add sugar when the egg-white starts to bubble up a little. then continue to whisk at higher speed until the mix become cream-like and dense Add egg yolks to the cream mix, follow with veggie oil, water, and vanilla extract.

Divide the flour into two even portions and grate them through the filter fold the mix in a quick and gentle style, therefore avoid breaking within our mix. we will use 20centimeter-moldings with separable-bottom, and cover the bottom with wax paper. Pour our dough from higher up to spread it evenly make sure the dough is flat and even in our mold, then give it a few tap onto the table, getting rid of any bubble inside our mix. This will help smoothen our cake. Pre-heat the oven for about 10-15 mins and bake for 15 mins at 160 degree Celsius Onto the highlight our cake, which is the lovely Passion Mousse.

Put gelatin and water together in the microwave for 20 seconds to help blending them Whisk whipping cream with sugar until it hardens up nicely Mix the cream with gelatin and passion juice. Cool off our cake base, then cut an 18 centimeters circle out of it. then put the base in another 18 cm fold Pour and spread the Passion Mousse mix into the mold evenly. For decorations we will make a clear gel layer. Use fresh juice from 3 passion fruits, sugar added to your own preference. 10ml water ad 5gram gelatin microwaved together just like we did earlier. Boil the passion juice and sugar with a technique that resemblance to how a bain-marie works After the sugar breaks down, add the gelatin mix that we prepare earlier then cool off Pour the decor mix onto our cake, then off to the freeze for the top layer to harden.

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