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How To Make Gummy Fruit Candy

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Today we’re gonna make gummy fruit candies these candies are among my most favourite sweets not only because of their taste, which is a perfect combination of sweetness, sourness, softness and gumminess but also because it’s very easy to prepare them and on top of that the major ingredient of these candies is fruit so I bet they are much healthier than the store-bought ones, I’m gonna show you how to make these candies from pineapples, carrots, kiwis and I will finish with a couple of tips and notes so that you can make perfect candies right at your first attempt So I have half a kilo of canned pineapples here but you can of course use fresh ones first, we chop these pineapples really finely then we add them into a non-stick pan with some sugar the amount of sugar varies depending. How sweet your pineapple is and also on how sweet you want your candies to be if you are not so sure about the amount of sugar add less than you think and we will adjust it later while we cook the pineapple also add in some vanilla extract if you’d like mix the pineapple with sugar then let them sit.

At room temperature for at least 1 hour until the sugar turns into sugar syrup now what we’re gonna do is to put this pan on high heat and then we bring everything to a boil when the water in the pan starts to boil reduce the heat to medium and simmer for about 20-25 mins this simmering time is necessary because it helps fruit to get soft and it also helps sugar and fruit to incorporated/ combined better if water evaporates too fast and you feel like it’s too dry in the pan, add some more water during this time, sometimes give the mixture a few stirs so after this simmering time, we cook this pineapple on medium heat and keep stirring constantly to help water evaporate so the longer we cook the pineapple, the thicker and softer they’ll become and after about 15 minutes when the pineapple turns to be quite thick like in the video we add in some simple syrup this simple syrup can be made at home and you can find the recipe for this syrup in the description below this video keep stirring for some more minutes and at this stage we can reduce the heat to low to avoid the pineapple getting burnt and after another 10 – 15 minutes when the pineapple turns to be very sticky.

And thick like in the video, remove the pan from heat transfer the candy to a dish and let it cool a little bit when it’s still lukewarm, we start shaping the candies we don’t wait until they are cool completely because they’ll become harder so it will be more difficult for us to shape them shaping these candies is quite easy but don’t forget to dip the spoon or your hands into water in advance because it helps to prevent the candy sticking to the spoon or your hands to finish there are two options for us the first one is to coat the candies with coconut flakes or granulated sugar and the second one is to wrap them with plastic wrap like this first we shred the carrots very thinly then we also mix the carrots with sugar and some vanilla extract and let it sit for at least 1 hour until the sugar turns into syrup and similar to the pineapple candies we bring everything to a boil then simmer them for about 25 – 30 minutes on medium heat if you feel it’s too dry in the pan, add extra water and after 30 minutes of simmering cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat for the water to evaporate from the pan when the carrot turns quite dry, add simple syrup and continue cooking the carrot until it becomes sticky and quite thick like in the video and finally, similar to the pineapple candies.

We also shape these carrot candies into small balls when they are still warm then coat them with coconut flakes or granulated sugar so we can summarize the whole procedure in 4 main steps as follows first, chop fruit into small pieces we can puree them if we want the candies to have a very fine and smooth texture second, mix the fruit with sugar then let sit at room temperature until the sugar turns into syrup third, simmer the fruits for about 20 – 30 minutes then thicken the puree you can taste the fruit at this moment and if you think that it’s not sweet enough feel free to add extra sugar or syrup note that the longer we cook the fruit the harder and more chewy the candy will be so if you don’t want the candies to be too hard then make sure to remove it from heat when it’s still a little bit wet like this and the final step is to coat the candies with coconut.

sugar or sesame seeds if you’d like with this procedure you can make a lot of variations by changing the fruits, adding nuts into the candies or adding flavors these candies should be kept in air-tight bags in a cool and dry place and be eaten within 2 – 3 weeks if you are living in places that are hot and humid then it’s best to keep these candies in the fridge.

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