Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake : One Of Dutch’s Typical Food

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It begins as a wafer-like batter consisting of eggs, flour, baking powder, salt, and milk. It’s poured through a 2 cup funnel which has a drain opening of about one-half inch. The pourer will gracefully maneuver the tube in figure eight like motion as it’s poured into the heated lard or oil. The narrow lines of the cake allow it to float to the top of the oil, while the artistic figure eights hold it together. It’s cooked for 1 to a few minutes on every side until golden brown. Any right Dutchman will tell you that the only real carpet for a funnel cake is powdered sugar.


Among the Festival’s founding dads. Alfred Shoemaker had close ties with a lot of the Kutztown area farming families which were instrumental in presenting the first, and ensuing Festivals. Shoemaker asked the Miller family to show some traditional Pa Dutch foods, funnel cakes included. Through the years, with a few controversy, many Festival participants and visitors have questioned precisely where and by whom this first funnel cake was poured. Bring in Lester Miller, the 3rd generation of family member participants. A few years ago while taking a break from his hoedown calling duties at the hoe downstage, Lester clarified things.

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