Curry : The Origin And Variation

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Can it be a mutton or a poultry curry, a fish or a beef curry, a vegetable curry or a mix of a couple of heroes of the dish, curry appears to be something of an obsession for the foodie? Let’s decode the world of curry and find the reason behind its romance. The term curry takes from South and also Southeastern Asia, all the South Pacific, all the Caribbean Islands inspired by the Old World restaurants and is a one. It owes its source to the Tamil word. Dishes incorporate ingredients and cooking methods and are interchangeable with lots of spices.


They are sometimes extremely hot and spicy or not spicy. Oil or fat is one of the leading components, and some of the most common spices\/ ingredients used include chilies, turmeric, garlic, ginger, coriander seeds, bay leaves and onions. The spices that are, the unit of the dish, is used whole or ground, soaked or dry, cooked or raw according to the requirements and needs. It is added at various stages of the process to permit the garam masala to lend flavor and at times. Then comes the cooking method that might include boiling, frying, braizing or poaching. In a majority of all the cases, all the spices are first crackled, then fried and caramelization with the other ingredients and after that left for poaching.


The outcome is typically a dry savory concoction or one which has a sauce or gravy. The final stage is that of seasoning that is followed by garnishing to add to all the visual appeal. There are bewildering numbers of stews, and also vegetable dishes which come under the curry category and several of them are available as ready to eat foods. Some have particular names, and even the exact set of spices which go into a curry dish is most of the time influenced by factors like regional cultural customs, religious practices and family personal preferences to highlight a few.

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