Chai Tea : A New Variant of Tea

Chai Tea: All The Stats, Facts, And Data You’ll Ever Need To Know

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Maybe some of you’re reading about chai tea for the very first time. Interestingly, chai tea is in fact, a tautological expression. To put it just, both tea and chai are precisely the same words, only written as written in different languages. To differentiate from other types of drinks, we’ll use the term, chai tea, to mean a tea made with four ingredients. Those are tea, milk, and spices sugared with either sugar or honey. What we in the West call chai tea, those in the East call Masala chai. In India, it’s sold in cafes and by street vendors called chai wallahs.


These traders also take their hot teapots to businesses daily in the late morning or mid-afternoon. Strong black tea is most often utilized in India to make Masala Chai. In India, this spice mix is called chai Masala, as opposed to the drink, Masala chai. Comparably, the different names and components used to create a chai tea beverage have confused some. Now it is time to dance the cha and drink the chai. Rather than stopping by a chai stall for news and gossip, we meet buddies at coffee shops to visit and chat.

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