Cannellini soup with prawns and prosciutto Pinzone's Italian Downtown

Cannellini Soup With Prawns And Prosciutto Pinzone’s Italian Downtown

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We have chef scott with us from pinzone’s italian downtown in fairhope, today, making something perfect for this cold weather. i was thanking michael earlier for brinking cold weather for us earlier today. this is great. yeah. it really is. a couple of things. soup in italy is, you know, a fantastic, very versatile. what we’ll do today, we will have key ingredients things that we make available at the rest reason and the deli. first up you got to have olive oil then we’ll go through italian bacon.
love cooking with that. great salty sweet flavor to it. not too hot. nice sizzle there. yeah. then we’ll add this vegetable mix here which is really, if you are familiar with local cooking, you have onions, celery and bell pepper but the difference between italian cooking, instead bell pepper you have carrots. it adds a little bit of sweetness to whatever you are cooking. very, very light. and really, chopped fine. yes. i mean, if you have like really thick pieces of vegetable and like you know, it i going take longer to cook, just, the tendness and the texture a bit. if you they don’t cook long enough in and they have that crunchy, yeah. a you want to even, i mean, your onions, celery and carrots you want to be the same consistency. okay. all right. we’ll add some garlic. okay. now we’ll add these great white beans. we were tacking earlier. can substitute any kind of a bean. you can do lima beans, black eyed peas and all kinds of stuff.

what everthe preference is. great northern beans or really good. why did you choose this type? this is your favorite? it is. we do a couple of things with it. he is very italian, real tuscan, tuscan region has a lot of great flavor to at this time and doesn’t overpower the dish but absorbs what you are cooking, so if you add, like the pan heta, we’ll add sage and basil in a little bit and really absorbs the flavor and now we are adding chicken stock.
you can add water. it gives it more flavor. yeah. or you could do, you could omit the pancheta and add vegetable stock if you want to. okay just stir that you. how long will it take to make? really, you could put it together in 25-30 minutes, let it cook for a good 45men! s to an hour to bring in the flavor. so we’ll let these kind of mold together now. yeah. we’ll get a little sauce then we’ll use this. okay. mash it up real good. meantime, where can everybody find you? can go to pinzone’s italian downtown in fairhope next to seagate collection. okay. easy to find. now we want to know about the deli and we’ll find out about the dl lynn the next cooking segment in a few minutes, meantime, make sure back be the kitchen with scott pinzone’s.
you have been here a number of times. i make it easy. you make it ease shift what are you making today for the folks? we are doing a bean soup with shrimp. what have we done sonar so far, we have add thet beans. we added the vegetables, the seasonings. we mashed the beans. i got the right consistency we want and the flavors. now we cook the shrimp a little bit. i like to cook the shrimp separately because you know, they are predominantly water. if you put shrimp in the beginning of something. get mushy at the end. sure. that is a good tip. you put them in the end there and keeps a little bit of that tenderness to them. same thing for crabmeat. you want to add it close to in the almost like 95% finished there.
what are you frying those in you? a little bit of olive oil. a little bit of olive oil. a little fresh pepper and garlic powder. the weather is could cooling down so soup is a hot ticket item and you can find this at the deli. it will the folks about the deli at pinzone’s. what we have done behind the restaurant. we have added on another building and it is a deli. you can come in. you can get hot soup and you can get our fresh sliced meats which we’ll fifi ture here. noughts for sandwiches and take a pound of it and take it home if you want. it is great. it is a wonderful atmosphere. if you want, can you got the sandwiches made there.
absolutely. we have great italian. we feature specifically italian meats. we have great sa loam my. great stuff! really cool. sounds like a fantastic flies stop by for lunch. great for lunch. you know, you can call ahead and can make it for you and pick it up and take it home. you will be the lie of the party. i liability. where are we at with the slim here. a couple more minutes. we’ll let it cook during the break. all right. we’ll break the whole dish together in a little while and meantime recipe is on-line.
“studio 10” tab at now it is time to talk to welcome back to “studio 10”. we are in the kit hen with scott from pinzone’s italian downtown. cot, i am look that. it looks great. it smells great. it is cold. i am freezing in here. even united nations the light aim cold so i cannot wait to taste this. tell everybody about this and what you made today. well, this is the stoop we made.
one great thing about italian soups is there is not — there is no roux. there is no flour and builter. so it is healthy. most italians will thicken their soup with a piece of bread. i will tell you, it came out good. looks great. not on the side but underneath. very nice! we’ll top it off with our per sciutto which you can get in the deli. it is a italian ham. that looks great. a i will clean my mess up. look at that, it appeared. i made bigger messes. am sure. that looks fantastic like i said i cannot wait to taste that. now everybody can get this similar deshes and some wonderful yummy things at pinzone’s. we have our italian rest reason on fairhope avenue and bee high us we opened up a deli recently you can get a soup or great sand whip or custom sliced meats to take home with you. if you go to pinzone’s today. all the proceeds are being donated fo for wonderful cause. right. we are partnering with 20 other restaurants and i want to conlate and thank them for heading it up.

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