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Cajun Seasoning : The Origin And Effect On Fench Cuisine

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A Cajun seasoning is a bold spice blend frequently used to season food instead of salt. It’s got a wide range of uses but is utilized in traditional South Louisiana dishes like jambalaya and gumbo, but additionally may be used in French cuisine as well. It’s usually used in the blackening of several types of fish, especially the redfish. Cajun individuals are descendants of French Canadians who settled in South Louisiana. They adapted typical French cuisine to the local components: crawfish, sugar cane and sassafras. French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian influences may also be detected in Cajun cooking. Cajun flavoring is frequently confused with Creole flavoring.


Even though the terms Cajun and Creole are now used interchangeably, at one time these terms invoked very different meanings. Creole cooking originated from Spanish colonists in eighteenth-century New Orleans, whereas already mentioned, Cajun cuisine is of French origin. Another similarity is they both rely heavily on the culinary Holy Trinity of peppers, onion, and celery. Salt is usually the main ingredient in a Cajun seasoning mix. Table salt is most traditionally used because it dissolves easier than sea salt. Cajun Spice mixtures nearly always include paprika which is typically what adds the heat to Cajun and Creole dishes.


Also necessary is red pepper cayenne which is what usually gives the blend its well known red color. Thyme is added to increase pleasant scents and depth to the mix.

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