Banh Xeo Traditional Vietnamese Pancake

Banh Xeo Traditional Vietnamese Pancake

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So, with shrimp we buy the small kind. When we get home, we cut the head and tail off. We then wash the shrimp with a bit of salt, so it doesn’t smell fishy. Now, put in the rice flour Put in 1 tbsp of Turmeric Powder. If you want the pancake to be crispy, put in Soda water. About 2 Litres. Now, we’re putting in a can of Coconut Cream. 400ml Now, we put in chopped shallots. So, the batter is flavoursome and pretty. Now, we place a bit of pork and oil in a pan and sautee it till it cooks evenly. And then add the shrimp. Yeah, and then afterwards we add in our onion. Continue to sautee until evenly cooked. Once even, stir the batter so its even and then pour it in the pan.

Next, put in your bean sprouts. With Banh Xeo, we eat it with herbs. With mustard greens, we break the hard bits to make it easier to eat. If you can eat it, then just leave it, if you can’t, take the hard bit off. Tear a piece of Banh Xeo Place it on top and roll it with the herbs.

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